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About Us

Power Efficiencies is a privately owned Australian manufacturer and distributor of energy efficient products. Based in Sydney, they are a leading supplier of commercial LED lights and wind generation technology. It also houses a research & design facility dedicated to creating clean renewable and sustainable energy.

Our Mission

To make innovative products available to the greater mass market.

Our Vision

Power Efficiencies products and services improve the lives of people every day. Not just the wealthy but the broader mass market. Be it directly through new technologies and products or indirectly through reduced energy consumption and a sustainable future.The following founding pillars of our vision set the future of our company and the impact it will have on our world.

  • We work to develop, source, educate and deliver innovation.
  • We’re proactive, dynamic and adaptable; we look for changes ahead, around the corner and around the world then seek to address them.
  • We forgo the red tape, the tall hierarchy, high overheads and pass the savings on to customers.
  • We love technology and operate in virtual worlds as much as we do physical.
  • We see customers as our number 1 assets and employees are our number 1 resource.
  • We’re consistent in what we say and do.



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