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12 Volt Transformer

Osram RedBack

The Osram 12v Redback transformer is our recommended transformer for MR16 LED downlights. When using Osram 12 volt transformers our LED downlights are covered under a 3 year warranty.

The most common issue when directly replacing 12v MR16 halogen downlights with LED downlights is flickering of the LED. This is usually caused by the transformer. A lot of the cheaper Chinese 12 volt transformers cause either flickering of the light or don't give the light it's maximum brightness.

Alternatively customers are advised to consider completely removing the transformer and change the lead to a 240 volt GU10 connection.  This is because all GU10 LED units have an LED specific transformer within the downlight housing.

Suitable for non-dimming LED downlights such as 4.5w and 3w LED downlights.

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