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18W Tube LED Lights – SMD3014

Super Bright 1900 Lumen Tube LED Lights

Perfect tube LED lights for office use or high activity areas such as work shops and production lines. These 1.2m tube LED lights produce 1900 lumen while consuming less than half of the traditional florescent lights energy. Not needing a starter/ballasts the tube LED lights have a much lower running and maintenance cost. The 1900 lumen tube LED lights are an ideal replacement for t8 and t5 florescent tubes. Simply remove the existing ballast/starter and fit the tube LED lights in the existing fitting. With a lifecycle of up to 50,000 hours the tube LED lights last 5 times longer than standard t8 and t5 florescent lights.

Key Benefits

  • super bright 1900 lumens (ideal for office and high activity environments)
  • last up to 50,000 hours (5 times longer than standard florescent tubes)
  • uses 18W to replace 40w (36w florescent tube + ballast)
  • simply replaces t8 & t5 florescent tubes
  • 5 year warranty


Using the latest LED technology the 18 Watt tube LED lights feature 176 surface mounted diodes (SMD) measuring 3mm x 1.4mm. Each with a market leading watt to lumen ratio of 1:110. Using an isolated driver the tube LED lights are the top end of the today's market offering.

  • Product Specifications

What are these LED lights?

New super bright 18 Watt 1.2m long tube LED lights producing up to 1900 lumens. Suited for high activity environments such as reception areas, work stations, meeting rooms and home living rooms. Using the latest Surface Mount Diode (SMD) 3014

New super bright 18 Watt 1.2m long tube LED lights producing up to 1900 lumens are ideal for high activity environments. Fitting right in to traditional T8 fluorescent light fittings these tube lights are a perfect energy efficient replacement.

Featuring 176 LED chips each producing more than 0.1 Watts the

Replacing traditional 36W fluorescent lights and their 4-65W ballast these 18W tube LED lights save around 50% of electricity consumption.

Using the latest

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